For his labels, Bernard Boutinet chose the image of a carriage, La Calèche, for both Cognac and Pineau. This choice seems to echo the Charentes region - mysterious and secret behind the high walls of the estates, the pride in its rich history - so his labels are plain, discreet, but elegant.  
While the VSOP Cognac is immediately found to be gently perfumed, our Napoléon, XO and EXTRA only reveal the secrets of their richness and complexity after a moment or two of warmth from the palm of your hand. Then you will find yourself in a marvellous world of warm notes of honey and gingerbread, and you will understand the perfect harmony of sweet flavours and alcohol.  
Besides his traditional oak barrel-matured Cognacs, Bernard Boutinet offers an interesting “Coeur de Fins Bois”. Matured for about seven years in very old barrels, it has very little tannin and preserves the purity of fragrance and flavour of grape and vine. Its character is such that it lends itself equally well to being drunk on ice or as a long drink, especially with tonic.  
Winegrowers and originality 
Winegrowers and distillers for more than 150 years - this could well be Boutinet family motto. 
Their vineyards cover 27 hectares (68 acres) of the Cognac-producing area known as Fins Bois, which is renowned for its ability to produce young eaux-de-vie of very high quality. 
Through the generations, vines have been planted on the best land of the property, with its deep but light soil. The Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes succeed in providing well-balanced wines made in the estate winery with all the care, knowledge and tradition of Bernard Boutinet and his son, Pierre. 
Juice from the Colombard grapes, sweeter and less acid, is blended with Cognac in the making of our white Pineau des Charentes. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, also grown here, are the basis, with Cognac, of our rosé Pineau des Charentes. 
Although the vineyards have been at le Brissonneau for nearly two hundred years, and the art of distilling has been passed down through four generations, it was only twenty years ago that Bernard Boutinet added a new dimension by producing Cognac and Pineau des Charentes under his own name. Both bottling and marketing are also carried out on the estate - truly a family affair. 

Bernard Boutinet
Cognac - Pineaux des Charentes